Joe Coughlin Discusses the Future of Older Adult Mobility and Driverless Cars in the New York Times

Thu, 03/23/2017

Autonomous vehicles promise to provide seamless safe mobility to older adults who are no longer comfortable or capable to drive. In a New York Times article on self-driving cars and older drivers, AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin observes that older drivers are the first to buy high-priced vehicles that are also high tech. Older drivers may be the key to consumer adoption and acceptance of tomorrow’s high tech transportation. If new driverless systems are not designed appropriately for or met with a positive response from affluent older consumers, the successful rollout of the autonomous vehicle could be hindered.

“If seniors don’t trust the technology and don’t like giving up control,” Dr. Coughlin said, “it will slow down this business dramatically.”

Read the full article here.


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