Inventioneers' SMARTwheel gains national attention

Inventioneers' SMARTwheel gains national attention

Wed, 01/26/2011

A New York Times article recently featured the SMARTwheel, a steering wheel attachment that uses sensors to alert drivers when they remove a hand from the wheel for too long. The alarm is intended to stop drivers from getting distracted by texting or fiddling in-vehicle technologies. A possible solution to the distracted driving epidemic, the device was invented by a group of 10-16 year olds who call themselves the Inventioneers. A team of children from Londonberry, N.H., the Inventioneers visited AgeLab to run experiments on their invention in the driving simulator, Miss Daisy, where 90% of participants found the SMARTwheel to be effective in fighting distracted driving. They recently participated in the White House Science Fair where President Obama was introduced to their device, the SMARTwheel. It also received a thumbs-up from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

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