Insurance News Guru Interview: Joe Coughlin on Future of Retirement Planning

Wed, 05/13/2015

AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin is the featured ‘Guru Interview’ in Insurance News. In the May isssue Coughlin discusses the need for new thinking about tomorrow’s retirement. He argues that financial services innovation must go well beyond products that promise financial security. According to Coughlin, the advisors and product distributors of all types must craft new conversations that are centered on decades of longevity not stock imagery and stories more resonant with our parents and grandparents. Products must become more than financial instruments, they must be products that connect with tangible services that provide solutions to real problems in older age, e.g., home maintenance, transportation, caregiving. Moreover, the real opportunity for the industry, and for everyone approaching retirement, is to develop the narrative, tools and services that will help us all navigate the decades of living in life after full-time work.


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