Former AgeLab UROP Shannon Roberts, presents joint MIT AgeLab University of Wisconsin-Madison research at CHIMe

Sun, 04/11/2010

In collaboration with MIT AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer and post-doctoral associate Ying Wang, former MIT AgeLab UROP Shannon Roberts and John Lee from University of Wisconsin-Madison Cognitive Systems Labratory are investigating driving and visual attention metrics for the development of algorithms to detect driver distraction and help guide drivers’ attention back to the road. The effort draws upon data from the MIT AgeLab and New England University Transportation Center field driving repository.

Early resarch results were presented as a poster "Evaluating eye movements in an on-road study to detect driver distraction" at The Computer Human Interaction Mentoring (CHIMe) Workshop.

This resarch is parially supported by New England University Transportation Center at MIT.

The full poster can be downloaded as a pdf by clicking here.


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