Dr. Bryan Reimer Speaks in Portugal for Best of Belron 2016

Dr. Bryan Reimer Speaks in Portugal for Best of Belron 2016

The Best of Belron is a biennial automotive technology conference, featuring prominent speakers from organizations such as Google, Tesla, and MIT.

AgeLab research scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer spoke at the most recent conference, held on May 18-19 in Portugal. He spoke about “the human component” as it connects to advanced vehicle technologies. “We started to automate decades ago,” Dr. Reimer said, referring to the implementation of automatic transmissions, most common in the United States. “We are on a pathway to increased levels of automation,” As personal vehicles take greater leaps toward autonomy, the way the driver (or operator) interacts with the car and environment is bound to change in unpredictable ways. The removal of workload by automation will cause humans to become distracted, and they may fill their attention with alternative tasks -- or become more likely to doze off.

How exactly will vehicle autonomy change driver behavior? The only way to begin answering the question, Dr. Reimer says, is to collect a trove of meaningful data.

Watch a video of Dr. Reimer’s presentation here.


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