Distracted Driving Is Out of Control, and There's No Single Cure

Distracted Driving Is Out of Control, and There's No Single Cure

AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer is quoted in a Wired article about how the proliferation of technology in vehicles has resulted in more dangerously distracted drivers. The AgeLab's AVT rsearch is also mentioned:

Now that semi-autonomous technology is making its way into consumer vehicles, car companies and the scientists who work at them will need to get savvier about building systems that hold their drivers’ attention. To that end, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are currently in the midst of a multi-year study seeking to understand how drivers use features like Tesla’s Autopilot, rigging up Teslas, Cadillacs, Volvos, and Land Rovers with sensors and cameras to peer inside cars’ inner sanctums.

“This is about human-centered development: leveraging the human element and integrating it with advances in automation,” says Bryan Reimer, a research scientist at MIT who is working on the study. “We should be doing everything from defining how often that driver should be looking at the road and under what conditions, to their ability to detect threats out there.”

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