Coughlin's Longevity Economy Appears in South China Morning Post

Coughlin's Longevity Economy Appears in South China Morning Post

An op-ed by David Dodwell in the South China Morning Post refers to AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin's new book, The Longevity Economy, in examining the role of older adults in the workplace and as consumers:

Profound demographic changes mean that the world is filling with older people, with Japan and Hong Kong at the fore, with almost a quarter of our populations now moving into retirement.

But attitudes towards old age and rules on retirement mean these older people are perceived as a liability, and are being barred from providing part of the solution to the “future jobs” challenge ...

As Joseph Coughlin notes in his new book The Longevity Economy: “There is an overwhelming tendency to view old age and the ageing of populations as a slowly unfolding crisis … Thanks to the institution of retirement, older adults are kept out of economic production roles, which means they’re not only prevented from making money, but also from conceiving or designing products.”

Read the full article here.



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