Carly Dickson Presents at MoMA's R&D Salon

Carly Dickson Presents at MoMA's R&D Salon

Carly Dickson, AgeLab Fellow and architectural designer, presented her work on intergenerational environments at the Museum of Modern Art’s R&D Salon titled “New Aging.” The Salon featured five panelists approaching an aging society and changing demographics from different angles.

Carly's talk focused on how designing environments with older adults in mind can benefit people of all ages and abilities. She is interested in creating environments that are both radically accessible and wildly engaging, challenging the common perception of accessibility that is associated with minimum standards and checklists based on physical requirements. Rather than thinking of access as prescribed constraints tacked on at the end of a project, Carly proposes considering the poetic alongside the pragmatic at the beginning of the design process to make the process of designing accessible intergenerational environments more playful, thoughtful, and intentional. She discusses how if we consider more than just physical access, and embed social and experiential access into the design process, we can generate provocations for a new future of aging where our environments are engaging and enabling across all ages.

Listen to the Salon here.


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