Bryan Reimer, Bobbie Seppelt, and Carley Ward Participate in Tech, Mind and Society Conference

Bryan Reimer, Bobbie Seppelt, and Carley Ward Participate in Tech, Mind and Society Conference

AgeLab Research Associate Carley Ward and AgeLab Research Scientists Bryan Reimer and Bobbie Seppelt participated in the 2018 Technology, Mind & Society Conference in Washington, D.C. Organized by the American Psychological Association, the conference showcases psychological research conducted on the interactions between humans and machines.

Dr. Reimer chaired a panel titled "Human Centered Vehicle Automation: Lessons and Questions from the Real World." The panel focused on the relationship between advanced vehicle technologies and their human operators - which many theorists prematurely assume will be removed from the equation. Dr. Seppelt participated in the session as a panelist, arguing that not only will humans remain partners in driving, but vehicle automation must be designed around human behavior.

Ms. Ward participated in a paper session titled "Gerontechnology: Aging in the Digital Age." She gave a presentation titled "How the "Oldest Old" Experience and Adapt to Vision and Hearing Loss Through the Use of Assistive Technologies", which showcased findings from an AgeLab Lifestyle Leaders panel session that focused on hearing and vision. The full paper can be found here.

Ms. Ward additionally presented two posters, the first titled “Communicating Home Risks to Older Adults and Their Interest in Smart Home Technologies.” The study from which the poster was derived involved a national survey of homeowners aged 50 and older, and looked to understand older adults' perceptions of risk they face around their homes, their attitudes toward home maintenance, and their interest in the adoption of smart home technologies. Ward also presented a poster titled "The Perception of Self-Driving Cars Based on the Affective Driving Experience," which presented research that linked feelings experienced while driving with risk and benefit perceptions and acceptance of self-driving cars.



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