"Bridging Habits, Health & Home": McMaster Univ. researcher explores aging-in-place

"Bridging Habits, Health & Home": McMaster Univ. researcher explores aging-in-place

Recent talk: “Bridging Habits, Health & Home: Examining age-in-place and participation using an occupational lens”

Brenda Vrkljan, Ph.D., O.T., researcher at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Cananda, gave a talk at the MIT AgeLab on her research projects, which she approaches from an occupational therapist’s viewpoint. covering a broad range including relationships of older drivers and co-pilots, older couples and their experiences with technology, how collaborative cognition can lead to safer driving performance, and aging-in-place.

Lead investigator of the McMaster-Candrive team, Vrkljan spoke of a 5 year study of on-road patterns, driving records and administration of annual battery changes for drivers age 70+. One question the study intends to answer is whether people self-restrict when driving, as they claim they do (i.e. driving less at night as vision declines). Findings thus far have indicated that self-restriction does not occur as often as participants claim.


MIT AgeLab
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Cambridge, MA 02142
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email: agelabinfo@mit.edu

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