Are You Ready for 8,000 Days or More in Retirement?

Are You Ready for 8,000 Days or More in Retirement?

WTOP, a local news organization based in Washington, D.C., has published a two-part feature on the MIT AgeLab's research and the thought leadership of AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin:

"As you might imagine, we work with many people who are approaching, or are already enjoying, their retirement years.

The years we spend in retirement are getting longer because we are staying healthier and living longer. It’s not unlikely for people in their mid-60s today to enjoy a life expectancy of another 20 to 30 or more years.

Along with the good news of longer life spans comes the challenges and opportunities involved with navigating transitions before and during retirement...

...Instead of looking at retirement as an end, the MIT AgeLab sheds light to a new retirement story that lasts on average for 8,000 days."

Read the first and second parts of the story.




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