Are You Planning For A Florida Retirement Or A New York Retirement?

Sun, 12/10/2017

An article by AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin on new retirement lifestyles appears in Forbes:

"We all probably know what a 'Florida retirement' is. In fairness to the great sunshine state, it isn’t really about Florida in itself. Mainly it is a dated vision of retirement characterized by the abrupt withdrawal from the world of productivity and activity in favor of a life of leisure and sedateness--from work straight to a beach chair.

"'We think that that’s a recipe for death,' says Frank Politano, a 68-year-old lawyer from New Jersey. 'We don’t want any of that. We reject that. We want to be in the middle of things as long as we can.'”

Read Dr. Coughlin's thoughts in full here.


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