American Health Information Management Association Names Joseph Coughlin 2013 Thought Leader Lecturer

Wed, 10/30/2013

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) recognized AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin as its 2013 Thought Leader. Delivering the keynote lecture to thousands of attendees in Atlanta’s Georgia Convention Center, Dr. Coughlin discussed the unprecedented growth and complexity of health-related data from traditional healthcare interactions to the rapidly growing number of ubiquitous devices, wearables, home appliances and even vehicles and workplaces that will be monitoring, managing and motivating healthy behaviors across the lifespan. Citing the rise in chronic conditions combined with an aging population seeking to live better as well as longer he identified the new challenges associated with managing the ever-growing deluge of health data. For example, how will data be managed by patients and family caregivers? How will accurate interpretation of data from multiple devices be done? What new professions, somewhere between clinicians and data informatics specialists, will emerge to work with health consumers?


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