AGNES inducted into National Academy of Sciences museum

AGNES inducted into National Academy of Sciences museum

Tue, 03/20/2012

 In collaboration with the MIT AgeLab, the National Academy of Sciences’ Marian Koshland Museum in Washington, D.C. has digitally inducted AGNES, the MIT AgeLab Age Gain Now Empathy System. An Xbox Kinect program was created that simulates the suit’s imposed limitations on physical mobility. Several tasks, including moving one’s arms and legs to have an avatar catch butterflies are altered at each level to slow the user’s movements, decrease peripheral vision, and alter memory. The interactive exhibit is among others that teach about the lifespan and challenges of aging.

“The exhibit demonstrates some of the physical changes associated with aging with multiple chronic diseases,” said Joe Coughlin, Director of the MIT AgeLab. “This is an opportunity for the public to experience AGNES and gain understanding of how lifestyle choices at a younger age affect mobility later on, as well as how to address the design needs of an aging population."


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