Aging Brains May Be More Susceptible to Scams

Aging Brains May Be More Susceptible to Scams

AgeLab Research Scientist Lisa D'Ambrosio is interviewed for an article on about the scam risks faced by older adults. Speaking about a UCLA study showing that the anterior insula region of the brain is less active in older adults making them less sensitive to mistrust and disgust, Dr. D'Ambrosio explained:

“What they found is there aren't really any differences between older and younger adults when it comes to trustworthy judgments or a neutral judgment, but when it comes to the untrustworthy judgments, older adults are less distrusting,” said Lisa D’Ambrosio, a research scientist at MIT’s AgeLab who recently participated in a panel at the Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting on elder abuse and fraud. “So they still don't trust them, but not as much as younger adults don't trust them.”

Read the article in full here.


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