AgeLab work on improving driver well-being published in IEEE Pervasive Computer

Wed, 07/20/2011

Heavily dependent on the driver’s awareness and performance in a fast-moving dynamic environment, driving is an increasingly complex activity made more difficult for an older population facing distractions, stress, and balancing multiple chronic diseases. Looking to the future, researchers at the MIT AgeLab see the transition from manual control to partially autonomous vehicle functions as potentially hazardous without a wellness-based system in place.

In a paper recently published in IEEE Pervasive Computing, AgeLab researchers Joe Coughlin, Bryan Reimer and Bruce Mehler discuss the lab’s development of the AwareCar. The AwareCar platform uses ambient intelligence concepts and pervasive computing technologies to detect driver state (stress, fatigue, inattention), display this information to the driver, and support in-vehicle systems to improve driver performance and safety.

The citation and abstract can be found here.



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