AgeLab at Transportation Research Board Annual Conference

AgeLab at Transportation Research Board Annual Conference

Thu, 01/26/2012

MIT AgeLab’s Nan Zhao presented a paper at the Transportation Research Board 91st Annual Meeting this week. The paper, Exploring the relationship between the Driving Behavior Questionnaire and Objective Measures of Highway Driving Behavior by Zhao, Bryan Reimer, Bruce Mehler and Lisa D’Ambrosio Alea Mehler and Joseph Coughlin, described the results of studying the relationship between drivers’ reported frequency of cell phone use and actual and self-reported highway behavior. View the citation here.

Bruce Mehler and Bryan Reimer were also facilitators for TRB Workshop 144D, Physiological recording of driver physical and attentional state. Recent research, challenges, opportunites and solutions to using physiological metrics in real and simulated driving environments were discussed. Topics included the use of cardiovascular metrics, EEG, EMG, electrodermal, and eye movements, along with considerations of experimental design, applications for data acquisition, artifact review and correction, and analysis


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