AgeLab Researchers Publish in Gerontechnology

AgeLab Researchers Publish in Gerontechnology

Thu, 02/11/2016

This past December, an article by Olivia DaDalt, Lisa D’Ambrosio, Birgit Kramer and AgeLab alum Arielle Burstein was published in the journal Gerontechnology. This article outlined the results of a study the researchers did in which they interviewed 34 caregivers of people with dementia about their awareness of existing dementia-related technologies as well as their interest level in near-market technologies designed for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. Researchers found that while awareness of existing dementia technologies was low, there was significant interest among caregivers in trying the newer technologies, especially if they believed these technologies could be useful to them in their daily routines, which supported Davis’s Technology Acceptance Model’s postulation that the usefulness of a technology is highly predictive of an individual’s intention to use it. The authors conclude that there must be better communication to caregivers about both the existence of these technologies and how to use them; early education of caregivers will allow them to plan and incorporate these devices into the care of their loved ones at different stages of the disease.

Read the abstract here!


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