AgeLab researcher Dino Bortot to give talks at Boeing and Univ. of Washington

Wed, 11/16/2011

MIT AgeLab visiting researcher Dino Bortot will give two talks this Friday. He will speak to Boeing about motion analysis and digital human models for the development of ergonomic workplaces. He will then give a talk at the University of Washington which is entitled, “Human motion behavior while interacting with an industrial robot”.

Dino Bortot is a Research Engineer at the Institute of Ergonomics at Technical University of Munich in Germany. His research seeks to develop ergonomic human-robot interaction (HRI) applications in the branch of production. He is investigating under which circumstances future users accept industrial robots as their co-workers and how HRI applications can not only be safe but also efficient at the same time. Dino Bortot is a graduate of Technical University of Munich in Production Management and currently, as a visiting student, working on his Ph.D. thesis at AgeLab.


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