AgeLab With Gallup and Healthways Releases 2015 Older Adults Well-Being Index

Mon, 12/19/2016

On December 6th, 2016, in partnership with the MIT AgeLab, Gallup and Healthways released a report of its yearly Well-Being Index survey on the well-being of older adults in the United States. The survey findings show that older adults generally demonstrate higher levels of well-being than all other age groups, consistent with other research in aging psychology. AgeLab director Joseph Coughlin was quoted in the report: "People in the United States are now living significantly longer than prior generations, a trend that stands to continue. As a nation, we must improve upon advances in well-being while developing new strategies to help Americans age well and thrive in later life." Additionally, the survey breaks down the well-being of older adults by state: Hawaii, Arizona, and New Hampshire produced the highest Well-Being scores for older adults; West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma scored the lowest. The diversity of states that scored high on the well-being of older adults in 2015 suggests the complexity of factors that contribute to well-being as we age.

View the report here, and read the Gallup story here.




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