AgeLab featured in Massachusetts Auto Dealer Article About AVT

AgeLab featured in Massachusetts Auto Dealer Article About AVT

The rise of autonomous vehicles is getting the attention of industry professionals of all kinds, from big company CEOs to folks who are simply trying to move cars off their lots. The Massachusetts Auto Dealer has published a cover story about the implications of self-driving cars for local automotive dealers. IHS predicts that 21 million self-driving cars will be sold in 2035. There will always be a demand for personal vehicles, but in the future, the key user features for such vehicles will be very different, and sellers will have to develop new ways to effectively pitch them.

In an interview for the article, researcher Hillary Abraham talked about the recent AgeLab study that examined the attitudes of older drivers toward new vehicle technologies. Ms Abraham said, “‘Since the dealer may be the first place an older consumer is exposed to these types of technologies, first impressions are key … It is critical that sales and delivery staff effectively explain what the system does, while explicitly ensuring drivers see the benefit. Over the years we have seen that a combination of hands on description and actual on-road demonstration of a technology is really valuable.”

​The Massachusetts Auto Dealer is a local industry trade journal. The article appears in the June 2016 issue. A PDF of the article can be accessed here.


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