AgeLab contributes article to Vision Zero International

AgeLab contributes article to Vision Zero International

Recent findings from the MIT AgeLab and New England University Transportation Center (New England UTC) showed voice-command interfaces are placing demand on visual attention, an unexpected finding recently featured in Vision Zero International. The June 2014 article, titled “Seeing voices: Recent research reveals that voice-command interfaces may demand more visual interaction with drivers than expected” was written by AgeLab and New England Center research scientists Jonathan Dobres, Bryan Reimer and Bruce Mehler.

The full magazine is available free and online here.

“The intuition is that we want eyes off the screen and on the road, so voice-command interfaces should be better,” says Dobres of the article, “But we’ve found that, in the case of interfaces, we are dealing with the whole person. So even if you develop an interface just for voice, you should not discount other demands, including demands on vision.”


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