AgeLab attends Distracted Driving Summit

AgeLab attends Distracted Driving Summit

Thu, 09/23/2010

AgeLab researcher Bryan Reimer attended the Distracted Driving Summit in Washington D.C. this week. The event showcased achievements in research, public education and policy that have contributed to understanding and reducing of distracted driving. Research at the AgeLab and New England University Transportation Center has focused on distraction, in particular the use of driver performance, physiological measures and visual attention as sensitive indices for the assessment of the cognitive and visual demand of in-vehicle interfaces as well as the real time monitoring of distraction. Findings indicate that cognitive distraction can be detected well in advance of observable changes in driving performance. 

On November 15, the AgeLab will host a symposium addressing the opportunities and challenges of Age, Health & New In-Vehicle Technologies. To learn more about the upcoming event, click here.


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