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News & Events

2012-12-10 •  EHS Works, a blog from the American Society of Safety Engineers wrote about AgeLab research with typeface and driver safety. Read the blog post here.


2012-12-10 • MIT AgeLab's founder and Director Joseph Coughlin was named by AARP Magazine as one of Nine Influentials Who Are Redefining Our View of Aging. The select group includes leading researchers, industry... Read more


2012-12-02 •  AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer spoke with The Economics about how eye-tracking equipment and software is used. Read the article here.


2012-11-28 •  AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer shared with the Wall Street Journal how monitoring driver state could trigger car safety systems. In a video interview with Joe White, Wall Street Journal... Read more


2012-11-19 • An article on stressful commutes mentioned work led by Research Scientist Bryan Reimer on cognitive demands of voice-activated systems. Read the article here.


2012-11-08 • McKnights Long Term Care News, a leading publication for the long-term care and assisted living industry, featured a story summarizing a recent talk delivered by Joe Coughlin. The article highlighted... Read more


2012-11-08 • Money Magazine featured Joseph Coughlin, Director, MIT AgeLab, in its Game Changer profile story in its November 2012 Retirement Guide issue. The article discusses Coughlin’s view and AgeLab... Read more


2012-10-31 •  AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer was interviewed for research on typeface and driver disrtraction. Read the article here.


2012-10-26 • There are three-plus generations of workers that employers and financial advisors must successfully engage. Who are these generations? Can behavior be neatly cut and named into one or more decades?... Read more


2012-10-24 •  Research scientist Bryan Reimer will be speaking at Telematics Munich 2012 on October 29. Telematics Munich is Europe’s largest business focused conference and exhibition focused on... Read more


2012-10-23 • AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin addressed nearly 10,000 attendees in the Denver Convention Center for the LeadingAge Annual Meeting. LeadingAge is the nation’s premier aging services organization... Read more


2012-10-19 •  AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin addressed the National Pension Education Association’s (NEPA) 2012 Annual Meeting held this year in Boston. NEPA is the nation’s leading organization of... Read more


2012-10-19 • The Care Continuum Alliance is the nation’s preeminent business, government and NGO partnership with the mission to realize the highest achievable health status through the promotion and... Read more


2012-10-18 • MIT AgeLab research, in partnership with Monotype, was featured on Fast Company’s The article discussed how different typefaces require different amounts of attention, and the... Read more


2012-10-15 • The AgeLab will be involved in the upcoming New England UTC-sponsered Automotive User Interface Conference in Portsmouth NH, October 17 through 19. AgeLab researchers will be presenting three... Read more


2012-10-11 •  AgeLab director Joe Coughlin highlighted AgeLab research on driving cessation for older drivers in a recent Market Watch article. He mentions how older drivers are often "misrepresented... Read more


2012-10-09 • Research scientist Bryan Reimer spoke with the National Academy of Engineering's WTOP Radio regarding recent research on font and distraction levels. The work was made possible through a partnership... Read more


2012-10-07 •  Bryan Reimer spoke on Tech Talk about his recent research with Monotype regarding font choice when considering driver attention. The talk is available to listen to online here.


2012-10-07 • Youtube video of research study with Japanese subtitles.


2012-10-05 •  MIT's homepage featured AgeLab research sponsored by Monotype. Read the story here.


2012-10-05 • The demographic transition from a primarily young population to an older one is the most profound socioeconomic factor shaping the future of markets and society. On Oct. 5, 2012, the AARP, in... Read more


2012-10-04 • Bryan talks about AgeLab research with Monotype regarding font type and its significance regarding drivers' attention. Listen to the discussion >


2012-10-01 • AgeLab postdoctoral research associate Yan Yang presented "Are drivers aware of their behavior changes when using in-vehicle systems?" at the 15th IEE Intelligent Transportation Systems... Read more


2012-09-25 • MIT AgeLab and the New England University Transportation Center partnered with Monotype Imaging Holding Inc. in research that showed certain typeface styles can shorten glance time for in-vehicle... Read more


2012-09-25 • News coverage of the recent release of findings from joint research by MIT AgeLab and The Hartford continued, with National Underwriters listing the top ten technologies to assist older drivers.... Read more


2012-09-24 •  AgeLab research fellow Dick Myrick spoke with German Public Radio about his previous experience as an AgeLab study participant. Giving a new perspective to study participation, he talks about... Read more


2012-09-24 • MIT AgeLab research scientists Bryan Reimer and Bruce Mehler, and research associate Dan Munger attended Toyota’s 2012 Safety Research Forum on September 12. The forum was an opportunity for... Read more


2012-09-20 •  AgeLab director Joe Coughlin and The Hartford gerontologist Jodi Olshevski spoke with the New York Times after jointly publishing a study identifying 10 safety-related automotive technologies... Read more


2012-09-19 •  The Washington Post took that quote from AgeLab director Joe Coughlin in an article addressing growing issues in older driver safety. Read the article here.


2012-09-18 • MIT AgeLab and The Hartford collaborate on informing the public about new car technologies to help older drivers




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