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NavStudio (Navigating Information & Choice Across the Lifespan)

AgeLab has established an international reputation for applying multimodal assessment technologies to the challenge of understanding how individuals allocate their attention, process information and become distracted from primary tasks, and decision-making. The NavStudio provides a research platform to understand how consumers successfully navigate, become distracted, lost, give-up, or put-off decisions in the information seeking process in their interaction with print materials, packaging, the web and other forms of goal oriented communication. The NavStudio concept represents a creative integration of high-tech monitoring of visual attention and physiological indices of arousal and emotional engagement with the research team’s rich experience in studying psychological and social factors that influence how people seek information and make choices. Financial planning, health care and support planning, dietary and medication sourcing choices, comprehension of critical labeling, trust, social networking and on-line communities, age group and gender related considerations represent some of the relevant topical areas and variables.