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Miss Daisy (Fixed-base Vehicle Simulator)

Miss Daisy“Miss Daisy” is a fixed-base medium-fidelity driving simulator used for the evaluation of in-vehicle technology, cognitive distraction, disease and medication effects and simulator validity. The simulator is constructed with the full cab of a 2001 Volkswagen Beetle and an 8’ projection screen functions using STISIM Drive™ for graphics display and model development. Sensors connected to the original equipment manufacturer accelerator, brake and steering wheel provide input to the simulation system. Feedback to the driver is provided through visual, auditory and kinetic channels. The simulator, instrumented with equipment for physiology recording and eye tracking, also provides a variety of mounting and interface options for device prototyping. Programmed simulations include highway, rural, urban and desert driving. Studies have shown that behavior patterns measured in the driving simulator correspond with driving in the real world driving and driver self-report.