Information for Families

Information for Families

The MIT AgeLab conducts research that enables businesses, governments and non-profits to develop new products, services and public information to help older adults and their families. Wherever possible, the Lab translates research into reality by contributing to public education guides or by collecting information that might otherwise be difficult to find in one place.

A centerpiece of this work is our decade-long collaboration with The Hartford’s Center for Mature Market Excellence. Together we have conducted original research and translated these findings into practical and accessible information for aging professionals, individuals, families and formal caregivers. Other support for this work has come from the US Department of Transportation's New England University Transportation Center, AARP and other sponsors of the AgeLab.

A list of areas in which the AgeLab has done research includes:

As the population ages, maintaining mobility – the ability to get where you want or need to go when you want to – has become an increasingly important issue. For many older adults who rely on...
Most people do not believe that they are likely to experience a major natural disaster, so many do not plan for the possibility that one might occur. Yet a majority of us live in places that...
Most people prefer to receive care in their homes, rather than relocate to an institutional setting. As the population ages, caregiving – providing care for aging loved ones or purchasing...
Over the past several decades there has been a shift away from older adults financing retirement with Social Security and perhaps a pension from a longtime employer to greater dependence on personals...


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