Will the Patent Wars Kill the Self-Driving Car?

Will the Patent Wars Kill the Self-Driving Car?

Thoughts from AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer appear in an article on Popular Mechanics about the intellectual property battles over autonomous vehicle technology. From the article:

Ideally, there would be collaborative contractual development to further the [autonomous vehicle] cause. You've got chocolate. I have peanut butter. Let's work together for the betterment of humanity. Bryan Reimer says this type of concerted industry-wide effort is the only way mobility can really to be transformed, if indeed these vehicles are going to "communicate and work together over a standard network that has not yet been defined." In fact, some consolidation is appearing. Autoliv and Volvo have teamed up to form a new company Zenutity. Bosch and Daimler have a new co-development agreement. Others could follow. Even Google has patterned plenty with the big three automakers and said it now plans to partner with other companies rather than trying to build the self-driving car all by itself.

Unfortunately, all AV innovators aren't ready to play well together. "Instead, they are primed to vehemently protect their intellectual property, or more broadly, talent, as usual," says Reimer. "Look at the impending fireworks between Google and Uber, for instance."

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