What We Can Learn From David Ortiz's Retirement

What We Can Learn From David Ortiz's Retirement

Opening day in Boston is a spring ritual that nears the holiness of a high religious holiday. But this year opening day will be missing its patron saint. David Ortiz, a.k.a. Big Papi, has retired. After an extraordinary career spanning decades, Ortiz is now enjoying the retirement years that many of us plan and long for. Or is he?

It turns out Big Papi is a #retirementrookie, a term skillfully coined by John Hancock as part of a campaign featuring Ortiz. On Twitter and other platforms, Big Papi is portrayed as collecting ideas for how to fill his retirement years. The Red Sox legend doesn’t know what to do with the post-playing decades ahead of him. Forbes reports that Big Papi earned $22 million in 2016, making it unlikely that he will be scrounging for his next Fenway Frank in life after work. It would appear, however, that having your finances set may not be all it takes to be retirement-ready.

As AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin writes, we, like the Red Sox legend, are all #retirementrookies. Read the full article here.


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