Reimer speaks at Autonomous Vehicle Conference, in Boston Herald

Reimer speaks at Autonomous Vehicle Conference, in Boston Herald

 MIT AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer spoke at the NEMPA Autonomous Vehicle Conference at MIT on May 11. Dr. Reimer’s talk was entitled Automated Vehicles: A Safety Enhancement or Threat? The talk addressed some of the potential pitfalls in our current view of vehicle automoation. He illustrated how trust in technology, driver experience, and driver education are three of the many limiting factors in our strive towards autonomy.

In the lecture, Dr. Reimer made the following recommendations:
Continue exploring technologies for autonomous vehicles
Make parallel investments in developing our understanding of how to optimize the human’s connection with autonomous systems
Clarify the benefits and consequences of system use and misuse
Learn from complementary domains
Stop assuming that autonomy alone will solve our nation’s transportation problems.

Other presenters included Henry Bzeith, Head of Infotainment & Telematics, Kia Motors America; Christian Schumacher, Director of Engineering Systems & Technology, NAFTA Continental North America; Sasha Simon, Product Manager, Advanced Product Planning, Mercedes-Benz; Tom Baloga, Vice President, Engineering US for BMW; Dr. Nady Boules, Director, Electrical & Controls Integration Research Laboratory, GM Global Research & Development.

Also on the panel, Jonathan How, Richard Cockburn Maclaurin Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Aeorspace Controls Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology noted how liability, cost and driver licensing are major areas limiting the ability to fully deploy autonomous systems.

An article quoting Dr. Reimer ran in the Boston Herald, and is available here


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