Joe Coughlin to speak at Council on Foreign Relations

Joe Coughlin to speak at Council on Foreign Relations

AgeLab director Joe Coughlin will be speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations on Tuesday, February 14 for the Washington Meetings Program and the Program on Aging Populations CFR’s 90th Anniversary Series: Renewing America.

The talk, entitled The U.S. Aging Population as an Economic Growth Driver for Global Competitiveness, will include panelists Robert D. Hormats, Undersecretary for Economic, Energy, and Agricultural Affairs, U.S. and Kelly Michel, Senior Vice President, Institutional Business Development, Employer Solutions & Pensions, AEGON USA. Michael W. Hodin, Adjunct Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign relations; Executive Director, Global Coalition on Aging, will preside.

As the number of Americans older than the traditional retirement age steadily rises, the United States is poised to revitalize its global economic strength by approaching its aging population not as a crisis, but rather promising opportunity for economic growth. Joseph Coughlin, Robert Hormats, and Kelly Michel will discuss the core of this approach, healthy and active aging, which will require serious public policy reforms, new business strategies, and profound sociological shifts in views on aging.


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