Doubts Grow Over Fully Autonomous Car Tech, Study Finds

Doubts Grow Over Fully Autonomous Car Tech, Study Finds

An article from Consumer Reports summarizes the results of the MIT AgeLab's annual automation survey, particularly the finding that people have grown less accepting of autonomous vehicles since last year's survey. Participants also expressed being more comfortable with driver assistance technologies, which help with certain aspects of driving but do not demand complete control of the vehicle, than they are with fully autonomous cars.

AgeLab researcher Hillary Abraham was interviewed for the article. “The decline in confidence appears to be a multifaceted issue. It seems the need for self-driving cars to work perfectly, combined with present and past experiences of low-risk technology failure ... leads consumers to believe the technology will never be good enough such that they can trust it with their lives. Moving forward, it will be important for automakers to address consumer concerns,” Abraham said, “potentially leveraging driver-assistance systems in such a way that consumer trust and confidence in lower-levels of automation is built up before introducing fully self-driving systems.”

Read the full story here.


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