Bryan Reimer Quoted in Herald Article On Self-Driving Cars in Boston

Bryan Reimer Quoted in Herald Article On Self-Driving Cars in Boston

AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer's thoughts appear in a Boston Herald piece on a test autonomous car making its rounds in South Boston. The article begins:

"With little fanfare but plenty of gawking, Cambridge-based nuTonomy’s white Renault Zoe rolled out of a loading dock in the Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park just after 1 p.m. yesterday and made history as it drove around for more than an hour. The state-of-the-art vehicle, which looks like any other car — save for the spinning LIDAR sensor on the roof, two more sensors on the sides and the “self-driving car” label — criss-crossed the 3 miles of road, prompting passers-by to stop and stare."

nuTonomy's self-driving car is confined to the Marine Park area of South Boston, but its range will expand as it logs more street miles. 

The article goes on to address concerns about the public sharing the road with autonomous vehicles. "In a AAA survey last year, three quarters of respondents said they were afraid to get in an autonomous vehicle."

For the article's conclusion, Bryan Reimer reminds us both of the promise of self-driving cars and of the difficult hurdles this still-new technology will have to overcome. “Robots will outperform us, but will never be perfect,” Dr Reimer said. “Driving is an incredibly difficult task to learn and perform flawlessly.”

Read the full Boston Herald piece here.




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