"The Art of the Glance:" AgeLab TypeFace Research Featured in Print Magazine

"The Art of the Glance:" AgeLab TypeFace Research Featured in Print Magazine

Print magazine has published a brilliant in-depth profile of the MIT AgeLab's typeface research, led by Research Scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer and former Research Scientist Dr. Jon Dobres. From the article:

"In brief-glance environments such as in an automobile, safety matters, and the time we take our eyes off the road can make all the difference. We have to translate and interpret what we see in fractions of a second, and it’s designers who are responsible for making sure everything works correctly. What typeface or typefaces will read best? How big should the text be? What about the type’s contrast and color? The type designers who make typefaces and the graphic designers who use those fonts have an appreciation and understanding of how type works. But what if the guiding principles designers understand and use are wrong—or at the very least, misunderstood? What if the age we’re living in, full of digital devices and quick glances at screens, necessitates new standards and guidelines for typography?

Monotype and MIT created the Clear-IP collaboration in 2012 to study visual design, typography and usability in highway signage and automobile interfaces, two areas where brief glances are routine. As the founder and leader of Clear-IP, Reimer and his colleagues have conducted research on text legibility, but they have also widened their investigations to other areas of design. It’s a team eff ort between Monotype and MIT’s AgeLab, along with Google, which has joined as Clear-IP’s first full-fledged member."

Read the full story published in Print's 2017 Summer issue here.


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