AgeLab Named Member of Five-Year Toyota Research Partnership

AgeLab Named Member of Five-Year Toyota Research Partnership

The MIT AgeLab will be a member of CSRC Next, a five year partnership of eight leading North American research institutes that seeks to facilitate a safer transition to the future of mobility, funded with $35 million from Toyota’s Collaborative Safety Research Center.

The research projects conducted under the partnership will focus on the impact of advanced technology on broader road safety trends and the interaction between humans and machines. Specific research challenges include the integration of advanced active safety systems (such as automatic emergency braking), passive systems, human experience design for advanced technology vehicles, driver state detection, and using analytics to help improve the study of naturalistic driving data.

The AgeLab will conduct two of the eleven projects under CSRC Next. The first, titled Surrounding Environment Recognition Technology and Evaluation Metrics, will develop deep learning based full-scene recognition of vehicle environments from a vision sensor. The other, titled Analysis of Communication between Drivers – The Language of Driving, will identify the extent to which autonomous vehicles can communicate with other road users (e.g., pedestrians, other vehicles) using cutting-edge computer vision technology.

View the press release announcing this development here.


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