AgeLab Featured in Wired Article on Dealership Presentation of Safety

AgeLab Featured in Wired Article on Dealership Presentation of Safety

Advance driver assistance systems are more commonly being advertised and implemented in vehicles. The MIT AgeLab founded the Advanced Vehicle Technology (AVT) consortium to investigate how drivers use and learn to use these new potentially life-saving technologies. Last year, the MIT AgeLab and New England Motor Press deployed a survey that found most drivers are learning to use vehicle technologies through trial and error, but they would prefer to learn these technologies using other sources, such as dealerships as part of the sales process. But how much do dealership salespeople know about the details of these new safety technologies?

As part of the AVT consortium, AgeLab researchers visited 18 dealerships in the Greater Boston Area to find out. The good news is that some vehicle brands are motivated to educate their customers on vehicle safety, and are teaching customers how to use new vehicle systems in a variety of formats. Unfortunately, some brands are not as well equipped. This research was featured on, and the results were presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board.

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