Careers at AgeLab

Careers at AgeLab

Careers at AgeLab

The MIT AgeLab employs researchers and professionals across a wide range of disciplines, primarily within the fields of engineering and the social sciences. The positions below are open to all applicants who meet the qualifications listed on the linked Job Details page.

Postdoctoral Associate, Perceptions of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) - The Postdoctoral Associate will focus on investigating driver perceptions and behaviors associated with advanced driver assistance systems, to support research projects related to vehicle technology, in-vehicle technology use, and the future of mobility.

Postdoctoral Associate, User-Centered Home Technologies - The Postdoctoral Associate will work on a research project to develop, prototype, deploy, and evaluate a home technology platform that addresses the needs of older adults and their caregivers.

Project Manager - The Project Manager will be responsible for day-to-day management and execution of research projects focused around decision-making, aging, and consumer behavior in multiple domains, such as transportation, aging-in-place, and caregiving.

Research Specialist - The Research Specialist will perform quantitative and qualitative research related to driver perceptions around existing and new vehicle technologies, mobility preferences, and related factors.

Research Support Associate - The Research Support Associate will work with research participants in support of human subject experimentation and assist with the collection of data in laboratory, simulation, field, and naturalistic experiments and/or assist with data coding and other activities necessary to support laboratory events and reporting requirements. The role is administrative in nature, but will support senior research staff with projects related to vehicle technology, transportation, and aging.

Robotics Software Engineer - The Robotics Software Engineer will assume a range of hardware and software engineering duties that include implementation of deep learning based perception-control systems; semi-autonomous vehicle system design; instrumentation; and large-scale data storage, processing, and data analysis.

Technical Associate - The Technical Associate will create content for and support drafting materials for the lab’s newsletters, website, and social media accounts; conduct literature reviews on topics related to research being done at the lab including summarizing research results and findings for other researchers in the lab; work collaboratively to support other researchers’ work and to design and complete independent research assignments.




MIT AgeLab
1 Amherst Street, 2nd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
ph: 617.253.0753

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