Driving Safely for a Lifetime

Driving Safely for a Lifetime

For questions about whether a loved one is driving safely, or ideas on how to initiate constructive conversations with loved ones around the driving issue, see We Need to Talk: Family Conversations with Older Drivers. AARP has also used these materials to develop a brief seminar targeted toward adult children of older drivers around this issue. Contact AARP at wntt@aarp.org to find out where these seminars may be available in your area.

To learn more about whether a personalized driving evaluation, conducted by an occupational therapist with specialized training, is right for you or for a loved one, see Your Road Ahead: A Guide to Comprehensive Driving Evaluations

For more information watch an interview with AgeLab researcher Dr. Lisa D'Ambrosio and The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence gerontologist Jodi Olshevski.


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