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AwareCarThe “AwareCar” is an instrumented vehicle built for evaluating new models and methods of monitoring driver state though physiology, visual attention, and driving performance in the field. The vehicle includes sensors to record data about the current state of the operating environment. A custom time synchronized data acquisition system allows for: data capture for post processing, real-time monitoring and evaluation of driver performance. These tools can be used to trigger driver feedback systems that are under development. Sensing systems currently implemented include: six video cameras for environment and operator monitoring, measures of vehicle telemetry (CAN BUS link e.g. velocity, wheel rates etc., lane position, radar), driver physiology (e.g. heart rate, skin conductance, respiration rate, electromyography) and eye tracking. The vehicle has been used in a variety of studies to assess: hands free cellular phone usage, surrogate measures of visual and cognitive distraction, driver health and wellness as well as functional methods of assessing changes in workload, arousal and stress with age.