2018-12-18 • Inc.com has published an index of the fifty best places in America to start a business. Boston ranks 15th on the list, and the MIT AgeLab is a major reason why. Inc.com editor Leigh Buchanon writes: "Boston not only has a high rate of people over 55... Read more


2018-12-14 • AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer writes in Forbes on recent major innovations in vehicle autonomy and how far away we are from a "fully self-driving future:" While one might be excited about the exceedingly impressive technological advances... Read more


2018-12-12 • An article by AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin in Quartz talks about the need to rewrite the story of old age in the 21st century: For businesses seeking a piece of the fast-growing longevity economy, reinventing the future of fun in old age is... Read more


2018-12-12 • An article by AgeLab Postdoctoral Associate Martina Raue in behavioraleconomics.com charts an ongoing debate in psychology and economics: are heuristics, the cognitive shortcuts we use to make decisions, helpful to us or harmful to us? Dr. Raue... Read more


2018-12-11 • The MIT AgeLab, Benchmark Senior Living, GE Healthcare, and MA Governor Baker’s Council to Address Aging invite those involved or interested in the field of aging and entrepreneurship to attend the In Good Company Winner Announcement Event. The In... Read more


2018-12-07 • An article in Barron's by AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin talks about the explosive growth of the consumer demographic of adults 65 and older: It’s the mother of all untapped markets: the world’s 65-plus population. Already at a historical high of... Read more


2018-11-29 • AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer shares his thoughts on autonomous vehicles for articles published by Consumer Reprots and Smithsonian Magazine. For Smithsonian Magazine, Dr. Reimer spoke about the success of Waymo in deploying a fully... Read more


2018-11-29 • The global population is aging rapidly — by 2050 the number of people age 80 or over is expected to triple, to nearly half a billion. Longer lifespans will put massive pressure on retirement savings, health care, housing, transportation, and cities... Read more


2018-11-20 • On November 20, 2018, the MIT AgeLab held an event titled “In Technology We Trust? Generational Attitudes toward a Technology Enabled-Life.” Composed of three panels of leaders in the domains of autonomous vehicles, home technology, and advice and... Read more


2018-11-18 • AgeLab researchers Samantha Brady, Lisa D'Ambrosio, PhD, Julie Miller, Martina Raue, PhD, and Carley Ward comprised a full panel of research presentations at the Gerontological Society of America Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Titled "... Read more


2018-11-04 • AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer publishes his thoughts in Forbes on the lack of a singular perspective for the definition and goal of vehicle automation: "Across the world, governments, companies, consumers and other stakeholders are all... Read more


2018-11-02 • AgeLab researcher Martina Raue, PhD, is a co-editor of a new volume titled Psychological Perspectives on Risk and Risk Analysis, which was published by Springer in October 2018. “This authoritative collection goes beyond economic statistics and... Read more


2018-11-01 • Joseph Coughlin writes in Forbes about how a new generation of older consumers will force businesses to think about more than just the "destiny" of demographics: As I write in my book The Longevity Economy, longevity economics is not simply a story... Read more


2018-10-23 • AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin appears on Bloomberg TV to discuss the role of changing demographics in determining the future of real estate. Real estate investor Kayne Anderson observes that his private equity group's primary areas of investment... Read more


2018-10-21 • AgeLab Research Scientist Chaiwoo Lee, PhD, presented to the Epoch Foundation on new technologies and open issues that technological advancements pose for the aging population. The Epoch Foundation is a private-sector consortium of twenty Taiwanese... Read more


2018-10-20 • The fourth annual OMEGA Summit, held on October 20 at the MIT AgeLab in Cambridge, brought together nearly 40 high schoolers from across New England who were interested in leading efforts to improve intergenerational connections. Students worked... Read more


2018-10-17 • AgeLab Research Scientists Bruce Mehler, Bryan Reimer, and Bobbie Seppelt were major participants at the 2018 Driver Distraction and Inattention Conference. The DDI conference is “designed to bring participants – from government, industry and... Read more


2018-10-14 • An article in The Wall Street Journal by AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin and Luke Yoquinto discusses the changing in perspective of how products should be designed, built, and marketed for older adults: Technologies aimed at keeping older people... Read more


2018-10-11 • AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin is interviewed in a CNBC story about the potential of autonomous vehicles to enable mobility for older adults: '"We are so enamored with the George Jetson idea that the car is going to pull up, you're going to jump... Read more


2018-10-02 • AgeLab researchers Samantha Brady, Dr. Chaiwoo Lee and Julie Miller were panelists at the Forbes-SHOOK Next-Gen 2018 Wealth Advisor Stage in Boston, MA. The event, which was an offshoot of the Forbes Under-30 Advisor Summit, invited top financial... Read more


2018-09-27 • Taylor Patskanick is a new addition to the AgeLab team, joining the research staff as a technical associate in August of 2018. Her educational background in social work and public health brings another unique perspective to the lab’s work. Ms.... Read more


2018-09-23 • AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin writes in Forbes about the increasing sophistication of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, and whether this "presence" might one day be a meaningful social connection for human beings: Alexa is seemingly everywhere... Read more


2018-09-18 • A new one-hour documentary followed the lives of eight drivers over six months using in-car cameras and tracking technology to monitor their driving behavior and capture how often and why their attention was directed away from the task of driving.... Read more


2018-09-07 • AgeLab Research Scientist Bobbie Seppelt's research is featured in an article in The Zebra: One of the worst culprits in distracted driving is multitasking. MIT research scientist Bobbie Seppelt is part of one of the longest-running studies of... Read more


2018-09-05 • AgeLab Research Scientist Bobbie Seppelt gave a talk and was interviewed at the IFA Automotive Conference in Berlin, Germany, which was organized by Shift Automotive. IFA is the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances... Read more


2018-08-30 • One college and four high school interns worked on projects for the MIT AgeLab in the summer of 2018, helping to construct a new immersive space, collecting data to help boost research on livability measures of cities for older adults, and analyzing... Read more


2018-08-21 • The online publication 401k Specialist reports on a recently published paper by Chaiwoo Lee and Joseph Coughlin on the language people use to describe retirement. The paper, which was published in the Journal of Financial Planning, reports findings... Read more


2018-08-18 • AgeLab researcher Julie Miller was part of the Open Style Lab final showcase of accessible garments developed by tandems of interdisciplinary student design teams and clients with disabilities. The showcase, titled “Designing for Aging and... Read more


2018-08-13 • The In Good Company Thought Leadership Breakfast at the MIT AgeLab brought together entrepreneurs and innovators in the field of aging for breakfast, networking, and an informatory session about the In Good Company Challenge. The Challenge tasks... Read more


2018-08-08 • The 2018 Connectivity Summit on Rural Aging in Portland, Maine, brought together leaders from business, healthcare, government, and academia to spark a movement to address the challenges faced by rural older adults. The two-day conference, hosted by... Read more


2018-08-07 • Portland, ME – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab is pleased to announce its participation in a two-day event this week in Portland, Maine, dedicated to fighting social isolation among older adults in rural communities. The 2018... Read more


2018-08-02 • A member of the MIT AgeLab’s Lifestyle Leaders, a panel of people ages 85 and older, since 2015, Rita Richmond has worked in D.C., was involved in the civil rights movement, and wants to help immigrants who are caught up in the court system. Rita... Read more


2018-07-31 • An article in Forbes by AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin questions whether the coming demographic wave of older adults will lead to a boom for the senior housing industry. New technologies and services such as those within the sharing economy will... Read more


2018-07-26 • Join leaders from the MIT AgeLab, Benchmark Senior Living, GE Healthcare, and MA Governor Baker's Council to Address Aging for breakfast and a conversation about the importance of improving wellbeing in aging populations--and how we can collaborate... Read more


2018-07-23 • AgeLab Founder and Director Joseph Coughlin is interviewed in Investment News about the financial advice industry and the challenges of planning for 8,000 days of retirement: "The next-generation [firm] is going to have the adviser at the middle as... Read more


2018-07-19 • AgeLab researchers Chaiwoo Lee and Carley Ward presented papers on recent AgeLab research at the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Lee presented findings from a project led by MIT graduate students... Read more


2018-07-18 • Video below. MIT AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer spoke at a TEDx event in Waltham, MA about the challenges ahead for making vehicles safer and what solutions are most sensible. Road traffic injuries are the 8th-leading cause of death... Read more


2018-07-09 • This story was also published in MIT News. The MIT AgeLab is proud to co-sponsor a global competition to develop or apply solutions for combating social isolation and loneliness in older adults. Social isolation is increasingly recognized as an... Read more


2018-06-27 • AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer is quoted in a Wired article about how the proliferation of technology in vehicles has resulted in more dangerously distracted drivers. The AgeLab's AVT rsearch is also mentioned: Now that semi-autonomous... Read more


2018-06-25 • Throughout the month of June, AgeLab researcher Julie Miller gave presentations covering her ongoing student debt research in Austin, Texas, Washington, D.C., and Columbus, Ohio. On June 1, Ms. Miller spoke at NASPA's 2018 Symposium on Collegiate... Read more


2018-06-21 • An article by AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin examines the particular problems retirees will face should they decide to downsize: "In the process of downsizing or planning any move in retirement, we might discover that we have far, far more stuff... Read more


2018-06-14 • Leaders in the financial services industry are recognizing that longevity, while a financial challenge, is also an opportunity for people to live longer, better. This requires not just a look at income, but a revision of our story of retirement. On... Read more


2018-06-11 • An article in Forbes by AgeLab director Joseph Coughlin talks about one of the ripple effects of the declining U.S. birthrate. Older homeowners may have trouble selling their properties to childless younger buyers who have no need for mutli-bedroom... Read more


2018-06-04 • Also in MIT News. The MIT AgeLab, in partnership with AARP, presented the third annual OMEGA scholarship awards to three accomplished young adults from the Boston area. Caroline Collins-Pisano of Noble and Greenough School in Dedham,... Read more


2018-06-02 • AgeLab Research Scientist Bobbie Seppelt provides her thoughts for a Popular Mechanics article on the tension between advanced driver assistance systems, personal responsibility, and the law: "Bobbie Seppelt, a research scientist at Massachusetts... Read more


2018-05-31 • AgeLab Research Scientist Chaiwoo Lee gave a presentation on consumer perceptions of autonomous vehicles at a two-day MIT Media Lab symposium, along with other scientists, engineers, lawmakers, and car manufacturers. Dr. Lee spoke about factors that... Read more


2018-05-30 • The MIT AgeLab's ongoing study of Tesla owners and their use of advanced vehicle technologies is profiled in USA Today: "The MIT AgeLab, in an on-going study of 34 Tesla owners who volunteered for the project, found Autopilot was used during 36% of... Read more


2018-05-29 • A USA Today article on consumer misperceptions of autonomous vehicles features thoughts from AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer: Car companies battling for their share of $2 trillion in annual global auto sales increasingly lean on shiny tech... Read more


2018-05-23 • AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin was recognized as a World Mind and selected as a keynote speaker at the WORLD.MINDS 12th annual symposium in Zurich, Switzerland. The topic of the 2018 symposium was mobility, Dr. Coughlin spoke about disruptive... Read more


2018-05-21 • AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin has published two pieces in Forbes on the eventual movement of Millennials into the role of caregivers to their aging parents. In the first post, Dr. Coughlin discusses the unique pressures that Millennials will face... Read more


2018-05-17 • AgeLab researchers Julie Miller and Adam Felts gave a presentation on retirement at the Roslyn Apartments, a public housing complex in Roslindale, MA. They were joined by Caroline Collins-Pisano, an intern at the AgeLab and a student at the Noble... Read more


2018-05-16 • WTOP, a local news organization based in Washington, D.C., has published a two-part feature on the MIT AgeLab's research and the thought leadership of AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin: "As you might imagine, we work with many people who are... Read more


2018-05-04 • A talk given by AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin on the future of financial advice at the 2018 Health and Wealth Leadership Forum is publicized in Investment News: Advisers in the near future will need to be providing much more than financial advice... Read more


2018-05-03 • AgeLab researchers Samantha Brady, Chaiwoo Lee, PhD, and Carley Ward participated as panelists at the 31st annual Stratton Lecture on Aging Successfully, a collaborative project of the MIT Medical Department, the MIT AgeLab, and the MIT Women’s... Read more


2018-05-01 • MIT AgeLab founder Joseph Coughlin discusses his new book, The Longevity Economy, on Slate’s The Gist podcast with Mike Pesca. In a wide-ranging conversation, Coughlin and Pesca touch on our outdated narrative of old age, new demographic realities,... Read more


2018-05-01 • AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer is interviewed for an EE Times story about the introduction of driver monitoring systems into vehicles. Dr. Reimer comments: “Humans are irrational. Just as automatic transmission became the tipping point that... Read more


2018-04-22 • AgeLab Research Scientists Bryan Reimer and Bobbie Seppelt with Ted Courtney of MIT's Senseable City Lab pen an essay in The Daily Beast on the changing nature of the relationship between drivers and highly (but not fully) automated vehicles. Are... Read more


2018-04-20 • AgeLab Research Scientist Bobbie Seppelt traveled to Prague and to Vienna for meetings on human factors research related to human-automation interaction. On April 16th and 17th, Dr. Seppelt attended the ISO TC22 SC39 WG8 - TR21959 part 2 (Human... Read more


2018-04-18 • AgeLab Research Specialist Samantha Brady presented results from research on driver safety, exercise, and well-being among older adults at the April Boston Bridge meeting. Boston Bridge is an organization that brings together Boston-area... Read more


2018-04-17 • Thoughts from AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer appear in a USAToday article on the human tendency to defer to advanced driver assistance systems - even when the driver is expected to be involved: “These systems are designed not only for ideal... Read more


2018-04-13 • On Thursday, May 3, 2018, MIT AgeLab researchers Samantha Brady, Dr. Chaiwoo Lee and Carley Ward will be panelists for the 31st Anniversary Stratton Lecture on Aging Successfully series, titled "Adapting to Aging with Confidence and Connection". ... Read more


2018-04-07 • AgeLab Research Associate Carley Ward and AgeLab Research Scientists Bryan Reimer and Bobbie Seppelt participated in the 2018 Technology, Mind & Society Conference in Washington, D.C. Organized by the American Psychological Association, the... Read more


2018-04-06 • Writing in Nature, Drs. Ashley Nunes, Joseph Coughlin, and Bryan Reimer argue for more robust policy measures around the implementation of autonomous vehicles - including requiring someone at the wheel at all times: The safety and efficiency... Read more


2018-04-06 • AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer spoke with The New York Times about the limitations and misconceptions of Tesla's Autopilot system: At this juncture, Autopilot is a misnomer, as many others have observed. “This is not self-driving technology... Read more


2018-03-29 • AgeLab Research Specialist Samantha Brady traveled to San Francisco to give a presentation on the Lab's research at the 2018 American Society on Aging's Aging in America conference. She provided an overview of the AgeLab’s work around driver... Read more


2018-03-28 • An NBC channel 10 newspiece on the resuming of autonomous vehicle testing in the Seaport area following a hiatus after a death in Arizona includes some positive words about the technology from AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer. "The life-saving... Read more


2018-03-28 •   The 85+ Lifestyle Leaders group met at the MIT AgeLab for a workshop on falls prevention. The group was led by two guest speakers: Shan Liu, MD, an emergency medicine physician at Massachusetts General Hospital; and Allie Godsey, a graduate... Read more


2018-03-27 • AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer spoke with the Wall Street Journal about the recent accident involving a self-driving car in Tempe, Arizona: After the fatal crash a week ago in which an Uber test car in autonomous mode struck and killed a... Read more


2018-03-22 • A CNN article on the recent autonomous vehicle accident in Arizona - in which a pedestrian was killed by a self-driving car for the first time - features thoughts from AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer: New video of the fatal crash involving a... Read more


2018-03-20 • A Wired article published in the wake of the first pedestrian fatality caused by an autonomous vehicle features thoughts from AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer. At about 10 pm on Sunday evening, a self-driving Uber struck and killed a woman... Read more


2018-03-20 • An article by AgeLab Director Joseph F. Coughlin in Pensions and Investments discusses the transformations in business and culture that will arise due to population aging and demographic change: Nearly all nations are experiencing a combination of... Read more


2018-03-16 • An hour-long radio interview with AgeLab founder and Director Joe Coughlin appears on New Hampshire Public Radio. New Hampshire is now the second-oldest state in the U.S., and like the rest of the country, facing a so-called "Silver Tsunami," a... Read more


2018-03-10 • AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer participated in a panel discussion at SXSW in Austin, Texas, titled "Who Takes the Wheel on Self-Driving Car Safety?" Dr. Reimer shared the stage with Catherine Chase, President of Advocates for Highway and... Read more


2018-03-02 • The MIT AgeLab is conducting a study of the impact of student loan debt on longevity planning across generations. If you are interested in participating in this study, you can fill out a screener survey here, or contact mit.agelab2@gmail.com for... Read more


2018-03-02 • A human factors class taught by MIT AgeLab researcher Ben Sawyer, which serves as one part of the AgeLab's mission to design and develop technology with older adults in mind, has been featured in MIT News: Human Factors Engineering: Designing for... Read more


2018-03-01 • AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin sat down for a public interview with Boston Globe reporter Robert Weisman at District Hall in Boston, MA. Dr. Coughlin spoke on a variety of topics including his new book The Longevity Economy, the founding of the... Read more


2018-02-23 • AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin contributes to an Milken Institute essay series titled "Business of Aging." Dr. Coughlin's essay, "Why Don't Businesses Thrill Older Customers?" provides cases of products and companies that have found ways to reach the... Read more


2018-02-23 • An op-ed by David Dodwell in the South China Morning Post refers to AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin's new book, The Longevity Economy, in examining the role of older adults in the workplace and as consumers: Profound demographic changes mean that the... Read more


2018-02-22 • Aging2.0 Boston presents a fireside chat and book signing with Dr. Joseph Coughlin, Founder and Director of the MIT AgeLab, and author of The Longevity Economy.   The Fireside Chat will be held on Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. Eastern... Read more


2018-02-15 • AgeLab Founder and Director Joe Coughlin is interviewed for WealthManagement.com on the themes of his new book, The Longevity Economy, and how the financial advice profession figures to change in an era of longevity: "...Most financial advisors are... Read more


2018-02-12 • An article by Joseph Coughlin on the benefits of human-delivered financial advice appears in Forbes: Quantitative calculations, portfolio construction and risk assessment are perhaps best done by algorithm. When all arrows are up, delegating the... Read more


2018-02-12 • An op-ed by AgeLab researcher Ashley Nunes on the need for a measured approach toward the institution of autonomus vehicles appears on The Toronto Star's website. Read Dr. Nunes' thoughts here.


2018-02-05 •   AgeLab Research Scientist Bobbie Seppelt performs research on human-machine interaction and attention management. She was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, before moving to Springfield, Illinois, where she grew up. She received dual bachelor’s... Read more


2018-02-02 • AgeLab Founder and Director Joseph Coughlin's new book, The Longevity Economy, appears in a Time Money list of "5 Books to Read Now If You Want to Retire Rich." The Longevity Economy "...is less of a strategy guide and more of a 30,000-foot view... Read more


2018-01-23 • MIT AgeLab Founder and Director Joseph Coughlin appears on the Informed Choice Radio podcast to discuss his new book, The Longevity Economy. Among other topics, he talks about how businesses have failed to respond to the wants and needs of older... Read more


2018-01-22 • Carly Dickson, AgeLab Fellow and architectural designer, presented her work on intergenerational environments at the Museum of Modern Art’s R&D Salon titled “New Aging.” The Salon featured five panelists approaching an aging society and changing... Read more


2018-01-20 • Imagine Cambridge as a model city for all ages, but particularly the future retiree — vending machines that dispense household goods, fall-proof flooring, wider sidewalks, and crosswalks that trigger automatic handrails to rise from the pavement.... Read more


2018-01-11 • AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer will receive an Autos2050 Driving Innovation Award, the Auto Alliance and the Alliance for Transportation Innovation announced yesterday. Autos2050 offers perspectives from policy experts and thought leaders on... Read more


2018-01-05 • 2017 was a year of significant change and major accomplishments for the AgeLab: the release of a new book, a remodeling of lab headquarters, the stewardship of many graduate students, a bevy of academic publications, and more. Joseph F. Coughlin’s... Read more


2018-01-05 • An article in the Boston Globe on coming local trends in business features thoughts from Joseph Coughlin on senior move managers: With more empty-nesters contemplating moves to smaller quarters, and many others helping aging parents relocate, the... Read more


2017-11-13 • On November 13, the MIT AgeLab held a daylong symposium to celebrate the publication of AgeLab Founder and Director Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin’s new book, The Longevity Economy: Unlocking the World's Fastest-Growing, Most Misunderstood Market. The... Read more


2017-10-21 • The third annual OMEGA Summit, held on October 21 at the MIT AgeLab in Cambridge, drew a record number of students from across the region. Nearly 50 high school students from Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and New Hampshire participated. The... Read more


2017-07-25 • An Atlantic piece by AgeLab director and Longevity Economy author Joseph Coughlin about age-ready cities is adapted by Blue Zones, which studies communities that encourage increased longevity and health for older adults. Dr. Coughlin identifies four... Read more


2017-06-21 • On June 21, in collaboration with the MIT AgeLab, the Jefferson College of Population Health, and Health eVillages, Tivity Health hosted a conference on rural aging in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The 2017 Connectivity Summit included presentations by... Read more


2017-04-12 • On April 12 at the AgeLab, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed an Executive Order creating the Governor’s Council to Address Aging in Massachusetts. The Governor—along with Secretary of Elder Affairs Alice Bonner and Secretary of Health and... Read more


2016-11-17 • On October 5, 2016, The Hartford with the MIT AgeLab held a day-long executive forum entitled “New Vehicle Technology & the Mature Driver: Examining the Societal, Business & Policy Implications of Autonomous Systems” to explore the social,... Read more


2016-04-06 • On April 6, 2016, the AgeLab held a day-long conference titled "Living and Aging at Home with the Internet of Things." Industry leaders from companies ranging from Bank of America, CVS, and IBM, among many others, attended the event. The conference... Read more



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