2017-12-12 • An excerpt from AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin's new book, The Longevity Economy, appears in The Washington Post: "Growing old was once something experienced on an individual basis: not at a set age for everyone and not according to a single set of... Read more


2017-12-11 • Thoughts from AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer appear in a Washington Post article on the barriers to public acceptance of autonomous vehicles: "As fully autonomous cars become a reality, there will be collisions between them, and there will... Read more


2017-12-10 • An article by AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin on new retirement lifestyles appears in Forbes: "We all probably know what a 'Florida retirement' is. In fairness to the great sunshine state, it isn’t really about Florida in itself. Mainly it is a dated... Read more


2017-12-08 • Boston ABC news outlet WCVB presents an interview with AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin along with an examination of the major themes of his new book, The Longevity Economy. View the video segment here via WCVB (video will not appear with an adblocker... Read more


2017-12-06 • A short profile of AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin and his new book The Longevity Economy appear in AARP: “Old age is a myth,” Joe says. “While there are certainly physical and existential realities to aging, we have been taught the false narrative... Read more


2017-12-06 • An article on AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin's new book, The Longevity Economy, appears in NBC News: If you’re a woman with a bit of life experience, you already know you’re the boss. You’re more likely to drive health care decisions in your family,... Read more


2017-12-01 • AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin is interviewed in Marketwatch about his new book, The Longevity Economy. He talks about the importance of the overlooked older female consumer in an America in which 47 million people are over the age of 65 and women... Read more


2017-12-01 • AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin spoke with the Boston Globe about the new old age, transcendent design, and why retiring to Florida might actually be a terrible idea: Far from portending societal collapse, our rapidly accumulating golden years may... Read more


2017-11-30 • An article in Forbes by AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin examines the limitations of autonomous vehicles in solving the mobility needs of older adults: "The current vision of driverless cars begins and ends with a safe rider being carted to where she... Read more


2017-11-27 • A short piece by AgeLab Founder and Director Joe Coughlin on designing social robots appears in BigThink: "Most people see robots as complex devices to fulfill a specific task. But beyond obvious applications in transportation, law enforcement,... Read more


2017-11-20 • Almost half of Americans will hop in their cars for a Thanksgiving trip this year. But if you were being very precise—if you were a team of Massachusetts of Technology researchers who study human-machine interactions—you wouldn’t say that all those... Read more


2017-11-17 • An adapted excerpt of AgeLab Founder and Director Joseph F. Coughlin's new book, The Longevity Economy, appears in The Atlantic: "A counterfactual narrative of old age has developed over the course of more than a century, and it’s become so... Read more


2017-11-17 • AgeLab Founder and Director Joseph F. Coughlin is interviewed in USA Today on topics related to his new book, The Longevity Economy. Coughlin answers the question of why companies are unprepared for an aging world: "The problem is not so much that... Read more


2017-11-14 • An article in the Wall Street Journal on choosing where to live in old age features thoughts from AgeLab Founder and Director Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin. He frames retirement planning around three questions from his new book, The Longevity Economy: "Who... Read more


2017-11-14 • On November 14, the AgeLab’s Lifestyle Leaders Panel convened to discuss topics related to clothing, fashion, and shopping. The Lifestyle Leaders Panel brings people ages 85 and older from the greater Boston community into the MIT AgeLab to share... Read more


2017-11-13 • On November 13, the MIT AgeLab held a daylong symposium to celebrate the publication of AgeLab Founder and Director Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin’s new book, The Longevity Economy: Unlocking the World's Fastest-Growing, Most Misunderstood Market. The... Read more


2017-11-09 • AgeLab Director Joseph Coughlin has penned an op-ed in Time on the need to rethink our ideas of old age, corresponding with the release of his new book, The Longevity Economy. He writes: "Today, ask anyone over the age of 60 or so if she wants to... Read more


2017-11-08 • The populations of many developed countries are aging markedly, due to a suite of medical, social, and economic changes. Will this notable demographic trend force us to change our image of the older adults and regard them as a more vital force in... Read more


2017-11-07 • AgeLab Founder and Director Joseph F. Coughlin's new book, The Longevity Economy, is available for purchase today, November 7th, 2017. The population around the world is getting older -- fast. Businesses believe they're catering to this growing... Read more


2017-10-31 • In a story published on wbur.org, AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin speaks about the promise of new technologies to allow us to live longer and better in old age, mentioning robotics, smart home systems, and autonomous vehicles: "There is a great deal... Read more


2017-10-24 • AgeLab Postdoctoral Associate Dr. Martina Raue gave a presentation on the effects of social comparisons on savings behaviors at the RAND Behavioral Finance Forum, sponsored by AARP and PNC and held at the PEW Charitable Trusts headquarters in... Read more


2017-10-21 • The third annual OMEGA Summit, held on October 21 at the MIT AgeLab in Cambridge, drew a record number of students from across the region. Nearly 50 high school students from Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and New Hampshire participated. The... Read more


2017-10-20 • An article by Leslie Albrecht in Marketwatch looks at how nudges--forms of positive reinforcement that encourage people to adopt certain behaviors--can become manipulative and harmful when misused, or simply ineffective when overused. The story... Read more


2017-10-19 • AgeLab Research Scientists Bobbie Seppelt and Ben D. Sawyer have both received awards for recent publications on human factors research. For their paper "Hacking the Human: Prevalence Paradox in Cybersecurity," Ben D. Sawyer and Peter Hancock (... Read more


2017-10-12 • An MIT AgeLab study on consumer perceptions of advanced vehicle technologies is profiled in Wired, including thoughts from researchers Bryan Reimer and Hillary Abraham. In a report published last month, AgeLab researchers surveyed 450 participants... Read more


2017-10-11 • Autoliv, Inc., the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems, has signed research agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab. The two-year long research collaboration aims to develop a semi-autonomous vehicle prototype that... Read more


2017-10-09 • Dr. Chaiwoo Lee has employed her background in industrial engineering and human factors to study how people across generations respond to different kinds of technologies and services. As a Research Scientist at the MIT AgeLab, she looks at the... Read more


2017-09-20 • On September 20th, Dr. Chaiwoo Lee presented at the Transamerica Wealth and Health Symposium in Cambridge, MA. Speaking to an audience of financial advisors, Dr. Lee discussed how the responsibility of providing care for a loved one can affect... Read more


2017-09-18 • A local hardware store in Worcester, Massachusetts recently announced that it was going out of business. This wouldn’t be big news, except Elwood Adams Hardware has been around since the Articles of Confederation. Dating back to 1782, it is (or was... Read more


2017-09-18 • AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer spoke at the “In Pursuit of Vision Zero” road safety conference, sponsored by Euro NCAP, discussing research connected to the Advanced Vehicle Technology Consortium and other topics related to automated driving... Read more


2017-09-18 • On September 18 at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, AgeLab researchers Samantha Brady and Dana Ellis participated in a workshop for second year Harvard medical students, led by Dr. Andrea Schwartz, on working with older adult patients in... Read more


2017-09-15 • An article on the transformative role of robotics in senior living features thoughts from AgeLab Research Scientist Dr. Chaiwoo Lee--as well as a mention of Paro the animal therapy robot. Dr. Lee identifies social robots as having the most potential... Read more


2017-09-08 • With the warm weather beginning to slip away, Paro, AGNES, and Joy For All cat Ms. Cupcake snuck out of the AgeLab to enjoy the summer one last time. AGNES takes a paddleboard onto the Charles, courtesy of Paddle Boston. Paro is struck by a love... Read more


2017-09-05 • AgeLab Director Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin appears in a Milken Institute video panel with three other longevity economy experts: Joan Ruff, the board chair of AARP; Chip Conley, strategic advisor for Airbnb; and Andrew Scott, professor of economics at... Read more


2017-08-30 • An article in Fast Company on the rush for fully autonomous vehicles at the expense of near-ready automotive safety features includes thoughts from AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer: In the rush to achieve fully autonomous driving, it appears... Read more


2017-08-29 • Ford is putting one of its autonomous vehicles to good use: delivering pizza in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For the next few weeks, randomly selected Domino's customers will get the option to have their pie brought over by a modified Ford Fusion Hybrid,... Read more


2017-08-22 • The aging population in the United States will put untold pressure on the nation's social programs, while draining manpower from many key professions. How can the U.S. reduce the strain of its aging workforce? By letting younger workers in. But the... Read more


2017-08-18 • On August 18, AgeLab researchers Samantha Brady and Dana Ellis presented the Age Gain Now Empathy System (AGNES) to a variety of medical trainees through the Harvard Medical School Multi-Campus Geriatric Medicine Fellowship. AGNES is a suit that... Read more


2017-08-09 • The MIT AgeLab is currently partnering with Tivity Health to conduct research on how people’s physical activity habits affect different aspects of their lives as they age. If you received an email invitation to participate in the survey and have any... Read more


2017-08-08 • An article in Wired on human-AV interaction features thoughts from AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer: Somewhere in northern Virginia, a man dressed as a car seat seeks the answers to vital questions about how autonomous vehicles interact with... Read more


2017-08-07 • A new blog post by Joseph Coughlin on surprising robotics investment opportunities appears on Forbes.com: "Robots are in the process of changing nearly every aspect of our lives. Our cars are becoming driverless; our homes are being slowly automated... Read more


2017-08-06 • AgeLab director Dr. Joe Coughlin is quoted in a Salon article on the applications of robots for older adults. He talks about the expectations that Boomers will have for their old age and how robotics can help them meet their desires: “It is not... Read more


2017-08-03 • The Advanced Vehicle Technology Consortium held its third yearly onsite meeting on August 2nd and 3rd. Founded by the AgeLab, Touchstone Evaluations, and AGERO, the Consortium includes as its members Delphi, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Jaguar Land... Read more


2017-08-02 • The MIT AgeLab will be a member of CSRC Next, a five year partnership of eight leading North American research institutes that seeks to facilitate a safer transition to the future of mobility, funded with $35 million from Toyota’s Collaborative... Read more


2017-08-01 • In a new article on Forbes.com, Joe Coughlin writes about the importance of visualizing retirement as more than just an extended vacation: "A vacation, by definition, is only a short break from ordinary working life, a week, maybe two. Retirement,... Read more


2017-07-26 • Thoughts from AgeLab Research Scientist Bryan Reimer appear in an article on Popular Mechanics about the intellectual property battles over autonomous vehicle technology. From the article: Ideally, there would be collaborative contractual... Read more


2017-07-19 • A story on technology and policy news website StateScoop features comments from AgeLab Research Scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer on the hurdles facing the implementation of fully autonomous vehicles. In the mind of the public, self-driving vehicles are... Read more


2017-07-19 • The MIT AgeLab conferred 2017 OMEGA scholarships on three Massachusetts high school students at a reception held at MIT”s Samberg Conference Center on July 19. Sponsored by the AgeLab and AARP, OMEGA seeks to recognize local high schoolers who work... Read more


2017-07-14 • AgeLab researchers Chaiwoo Lee, PhD, Samantha Brady, and Carley Ward attended the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in Vancouver, Canada, giving presentations on AgeLab research on the acceptance, adoption, and use of... Read more


2017-07-05 • A story about the AgeLab-helmed Advanced Human Factors Evaluator for Automotive Demand Consortium (AHEAD) has appeared in Wired. Nearly 40,000 people died on American roads last year, and experts believe the damage done by distraction has spiked. If... Read more


2017-06-30 • Print magazine has published a brilliant in-depth profile of the MIT AgeLab's typeface research, led by Research Scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer and former Research Scientist Dr. Jon Dobres. From the article: "In brief-glance environments such as in an... Read more


2017-06-21 • On June 21, in collaboration with the MIT AgeLab, the Jefferson College of Population Health, and Health eVillages, Tivity Health hosted a conference on rural aging in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The 2017 Connectivity Summit included presentations by... Read more


2017-06-19 • On June 19, AgeLab Director Dr. Joseph Coughlin gave the keynote address at the Pioneer Institute's 26th Annual Better Government Competition Awards Dinner. The 2017 Competition sought new ideas for care and support for aging citizens in... Read more


2017-05-31 • We know that FOMO, or the fear of missing out, plagues those who spend a lot of time consuming social media, particular among the younger cohort. But might a different kind of FOMO plague the older generations as well -- a fear of missing out in... Read more


2017-05-28 • On the weekend of May 25-28, the Association for Psychological Science (APS) held its 2017 convention in Boston, Massachusetts. AgeLab researchers Chaiwoo Lee and Martina Raue gave presentations at the convention in a symposium titled “The... Read more


2017-05-26 • An article from Minnesota Public Radio News examines the results of the annual AgeLab automation survey. "A lot of problems are going to be solved when self-driving cars become a thing. But first a big problem has to be solved: Consumers don’t want... Read more


2017-05-25 • Today at New England Motor Press Association’s annual Tech Conference, MIT AgeLab Research Scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer will present the results of an annual automation preferences survey. Last year, the survey found approximately one-third of adults... Read more


2017-05-25 • Business journalism website TheStreet published an article on the results of the AgeLab's annual automation survey, which found that public acceptance of fully autonomous vehicles has declined in the last year, particularly among those under the age... Read more


2017-05-25 • An article from Consumer Reports summarizes the results of the MIT AgeLab's annual automation survey, particularly the finding that people have grown less accepting of autonomous vehicles since last year's survey. Participants also expressed being... Read more


2017-05-25 • WBUR.com has published an article that profiles the MIT AgeLab's second annual automation survey. The survey shows that acceptance of fully automated vehicles has decreased in the last year, particularly among younger people. The amount of trust... Read more


2017-05-24 • Ludwig Maximilian University post-doctoral researcher Dr. Eva Lermer gave a presentation on construal level theory at the AgeLab on May 24. Dr. Lermer spoke at the invitation of AgeLab researcher Dr. Martina Raue. Construal level theory posits that... Read more


2017-05-23 • Lisa D’Ambrosio presented a talk for TRIPPS on May 23, 2017, at the Brookline, MA senior center. TRIPPS distributes information and news about local transit services to people in the metropolitan Boston area, and it provides personalized support to... Read more


2017-05-20 • On May 20, AgeLab’s Samantha Brady and Dana Ellis led a workshop with healthcare track students at Madison Park Technical Vocational High School. To better understand the particular needs and experiences of older adults and build empathy, students... Read more


2017-05-11 • In an article for NextAvenue, Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin talks about the errors researchers, industry and investors might be making as they enter the converging fields of longevity and technology. Dr. Coughlin writes, "By moving beyond ingrained... Read more


2017-05-09 • The Milken Institute 2017 Summit on Business and the Future of Aging brought together thought and business leaders across the aging landscape, including Encore.org founder Marc Freedman, Honor CEO Seth Sternberg, and AgeLab founder and director Dr.... Read more


2017-05-09 • In an article for MarketWatch, Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin writes about how the proper integration of "robo advising" technology will not make financial advisors obsolete, but will allow them to elevate their profession toward helping to visualize their... Read more


2017-05-09 • During a panel discussion for MarketWatch, Dr. Joseph F. Coughlin moves beyond mere retirement planning toward longevity planning. How will financial advisors help their clients with the following conundrum: they are living longer than their parents... Read more


2017-05-01 • AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin sat down for a video interview for MarketWatch, published on May 1. In the interview, Dr. Coughlin identifies the challenges of planning in an era of longevity, when our retirement years span 8,000 days on average - a... Read more


2017-04-25 • On April 25th, six middle schoolers from Somerville's Albert F. Argenziano School toured the MIT AgeLab in preparation for the annual Future City Competition, which this year will task students to design a city with older people in mind. AgeLab... Read more


2017-04-19 • MIT News has published an article on Governor Baker's signing at the MIT AgeLab of the Executive Order creating the state’s first Governor’s Council to Address Aging in Massachusetts. Read the MIT News story here. Read the AgeLab news post on the... Read more


2017-04-12 • On April 12 at the AgeLab, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed an Executive Order creating the Governor’s Council to Address Aging in Massachusetts. The Governor—along with Secretary of Elder Affairs Alice Bonner and Secretary of Health and... Read more


2017-04-05 • Opening day in Boston is a spring ritual that nears the holiness of a high religious holiday. But this year opening day will be missing its patron saint. David Ortiz, a.k.a. Big Papi, has retired. After an extraordinary career spanning decades,... Read more


2017-04-03 • Numerous manufacturers have been exploring the feasibility of putting self-driving cars on the road within the next decade. A recent Globe article proposed manufacturers should work together to solve the many challenges associated with higher... Read more


2017-03-31 • On March 31, Martina Raue, PhD, attended the Societal Implications of Robotics Symposium, sponsored by the Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Researchers invited to present at the symposium were... Read more


2017-03-27 • In his Disruptive Demographics column on BigThink.com, Joe Coughlin writes about the power of smart technology to "nudge" us toward certain behaviors, prodding us on what we buy, how much we exercise, when we sleep, even how we breathe. These sorts... Read more


2017-03-27 • On March 27, 2017 Lisa D’Ambrosio, PhD, participated in a plenary session entitled “Emerging Technologies to Assist an Aging Workforce” at the 2017 Integrated Benefits Institute Annual Forum in San Francisco, California. She presented data on the... Read more


2017-03-23 • Autonomous vehicles promise to provide seamless safe mobility to older adults who are no longer comfortable or capable to drive. In a New York Times article on self-driving cars and older drivers, AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin observes that older... Read more


2017-03-23 • From March 20 to 23, AgeLab researchers Dana Ellis and Samantha Brady participated with SAP, IDEO, and TÜV NORD in the MIT Sloan School of Management’s hackathon for Enterprise Management track MBA students. Students were tasked with applying home-... Read more


2017-03-22 • On March 22, 2017, the AgeLab held its bimonthly 85+ Lifestyle Leaders workshop, which brings together members of the "oldest-old" generational cohort, those 85 years and older, to explore questions related to the current frontier of human longevity... Read more


2017-03-13 • AgeLab Research Scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer was interviewed for an online Wired article on the legal sparring between Uber and Google's autonomous vehicle enterprise, Waymo. Google filed a legal complaint in response to a former employee, Anthony... Read more


2017-03-03 • A virtual reality (VR) start-up company founded by MBA candidates in the MIT Sloan School of Management has won a $25,000 prize for the MIT Healthcare Innovations Prize. Their company, Rendever, is pioneering the use of VR to bring novel experiences... Read more


2017-03-03 • Tivity Health has become a Member of the MIT AgeLab. Tivity Health (formerly Healthways, Inc.) develops and manages extensive networks of fitness centers and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) providers to make healthy living and aging... Read more


2017-02-17 • Chaiwoo Lee, PhD presented a poster at the American Marketing Association Conference in Orlando, Florida, on February 17, 2017, summarizing AgeLab research on how age differences impact the awareness, consideration, adoption and purchase, and... Read more


2017-02-15 • Marika Psyhojos, an MIT AgeLab researcher and Master's candidate at the MIT Technology & Policy Program, has recruited over 150 physicians from across the United States to participate in the MIT AgeLab Physician Panel. This is one of several... Read more


2017-02-14 • Joe Coughlin has published a new thinkpiece via his Disruptive Demographics blog on BigThink: "Discussions of autonomous vehicles have become so commonplace that by the time driverless cars are widely available, the public’s excitement may be long... Read more


2017-02-13 • MIT AgeLab research on driver preferences toward autonomous vehicle technologies has been featured in a Globe and Mail article about the potential of self-driving cars to improve mobility for seniors. AgeLab researcher Hillary Abraham is also quoted... Read more


2017-02-09 • A BigThink piece by AgeLab director Joe Coughlin has been republished via the Milken Institute Center for Successful Aging.  Dreams of the driverless car are primarily focused on how the robotic technology will usher in a new era of safe, seamless... Read more


2017-01-26 • The AgeLab has launched a new research consortium dedicated to text legibility and related design issues in partnership with Monotype, with Google as its first Full Member. The Clear Information Presentation (Clear-IP) consortium seeks to undrstand... Read more


2017-01-26 • An article in the UK publication Creative Review profiles the MIT AgeLab's typeface work, and specifically the formation of the Clear-IP research consortium between AgeLab, Monotype (a digital typesetting company), and Google. "The Clear Information... Read more


2017-01-24 • An article posted to the New York Times on January 20th features thoughts from AgeLab director Joe Coughlin about the design principles guiding new technologies for older adults. The article examines new tools like Alexa, telepresence robots, and... Read more


2017-01-20 • The MIT AgeLab is conducting a study asking physicians about their experiences with their patients using smart devices to collect patient-generated data. Marika Psyhojos, a graduate student in the Technology & Policy Program at MIT, designed a... Read more


2017-01-18 • On January 18, 2017, Chaiwoo Lee, PhD, gave a talk for Boston Bridge at the MIT Sloan School of Business. Boston Bridge, which partners with the MIT AgeLab, is a professional association that provides development and mentorship for emerging leaders... Read more


2017-01-17 • Roadway infrastructure should be designed with all drivers in mind, including the increasing number of older drivers. This can include the pavement, road markings, signage materials, and yes, even the fonts used on those signs. In 2004, the Federal... Read more


2017-01-10 • Advance driver assistance systems are more commonly being advertised and implemented in vehicles. The MIT AgeLab founded the Advanced Vehicle Technology (AVT) consortium to investigate how drivers use and learn to use these new potentially life-... Read more


2017-01-05 • AgeLab research scientist Bryan Reimer's thoughts appear in a Boston Herald piece on a test autonomous car making its rounds in South Boston. The article begins: "With little fanfare but plenty of gawking, Cambridge-based nuTonomy’s white Renault... Read more



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