2016-12-19 • On December 6th, 2016, in partnership with the MIT AgeLab, Gallup and Healthways released a report of its yearly Well-Being Index survey on the well-being of older adults in the United States. The survey findings show that older adults generally... Read more


2016-12-15 • This morning an article by AgeLab researcher Olivia DaDalt was published in NextAvenue, public media’s first and only national journalism service for America’s booming older population. Drawing on the Lab's research on older adults and trust, DaDalt... Read more


2016-12-14 • On December 13, the MIT AgeLab temporarily relocated to the 9th floor of MIT’s building E90, located at 1 Main Street, Cambridge, MA, 02142. The Lab will remain in this temporary space for about a year while the AgeLab's permanent space at 1 Amherst... Read more


2016-12-13 • The MIT AgeLab and The Hartford recently published the results of a study on the most useful smart home technologies for those fifty and older -- including a "top ten" list of smart home techologies chosen by a panel of leading experts in the fields... Read more


2016-12-07 • On November 17, researchers Dana Ellis, Carley Ward and Chaiwoo Lee, PhD, presented a symposium titled “An In-depth Look Into the Caregiver Experience” at the Gerontological Society of America conference in New Orleans. The presentations revealed... Read more


2016-12-06 • The MIT AgeLab has conducted research on the significance of typeface legibility as it relates to driver behavior since 2010. With computer interfaces and in-vehicle menus now commonplace in cars, the ability of the driver to quickly read text... Read more


2016-11-28 • The MIT AgeLab is accepting donations in the memory of Mr. Peter G. Pantazelos MS ’55. Donations in the memory of Mr. Pantazelos may be made by credit card or check. Donation by Credit Card Online Payment can be made online using an American Express... Read more


2016-11-27 • On Saturday, November 19, 2016, the MIT AgeLab held an informational summit for the Opportunities for Multigenerational Engagement, Growth and Action (OMEGA) program, drawing attendance from high school students from throughout New England. The... Read more


2016-11-17 • The International Society for Gerontechnology held its 10th World Conference in Nice, France, from September 28-30, with the “aim to gather all the actors of technology and services dedicated ageing, mobility, care and quality of life.” AgeLab... Read more


2016-11-17 • On October 5, 2016, The Hartford with the MIT AgeLab held a day-long executive forum entitled “New Vehicle Technology & the Mature Driver: Examining the Societal, Business & Policy Implications of Autonomous Systems” to explore the social,... Read more


2016-11-04 • The MIT AgeLab is name-checked in a November 4 Cars.com article profiling a new older-driver program called Smart DriverTEK. Developed by AARP and The Hartford, Smart DriverTEK organizes workshops and pop-up programs throughout the U.S. that focus... Read more


2016-10-03 • The MIT AgeLab brought aboard Samantha Brady this summer. In addition to her work on policy and data analysis, Sam brings to the lab a range of skills in data visualization. The development of technologies and capabilities have made it ever easier... Read more


2016-09-20 • Today, the Department of Transportation held a press event announcing new policy statements regarding highly automated vehicles and their presence on US roads. According to Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, who spoke at the event, these... Read more


2016-09-15 • The City of Boston recently announced self-driving cars will begin testing on Boston’s streets toward the end of this year. This an exciting initiative that shares many of the research interests we have here at the MIT AgeLab. In fact, earlier this... Read more


2016-09-07 • Older drivers may soon be traveling a safer road thanks to smarter cars that can detect oncoming traffic, steer clear of trouble and even hit the brakes when a collision appears imminent. A few of these innovations, such as blind-spot warning... Read more


2016-08-31 • Perhaps the biggest challenge for self-driving cars will not be tracking other vehicles or avoiding unfamiliar obstacles so much as dealing with that most erratic and confusing of phenomena: human behavior. A new automated driving startup, Drive.ai... Read more


2016-08-22 • AGNES - or the Age Gain Now Empathy System suit - is AgeLab’s iconic tool for helping others to better understand the physical and functional challenges that often come with getting older. The suit consists of a system of movement-inhibiting weights... Read more


2016-08-05 • The development of technologies that can monitor one’s own health data figures to change the medical landscape, including, potentially, the basic relationship between patients and doctors. People are now able to collect all sorts of metrics about... Read more


2016-08-02 • On July 26th the MIT AgeLab, in partnership with the New England University Transportation Center and AARP, presented the inaugural OMEGA scholarship to Lauren Miller, a rising senior at Newton South High School. The OMEGA scholarship recognizes... Read more


2016-07-28 • The Best of Belron is a biennial automotive technology conference, featuring prominent speakers from organizations such as Google, Tesla, and MIT. AgeLab research scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer spoke at the most recent conference, held on May 18-19 in... Read more


2016-07-28 • Dr Bryan Reimer talks about human behavior in relation to autonomous vehicles for TU-Automotive Detroit 2015.


2016-07-28 • On April 6, 2016, the AgeLab held a day-long conference titled "Living and Aging at Home with the Internet of Things." Industry leaders from companies ranging from Bank of America, CVS, and IBM, among many others, attended the event. The conference... Read more


2016-07-27 • The rise of autonomous vehicles is getting the attention of industry professionals of all kinds, from big company CEOs to folks who are simply trying to move cars off their lots. The Massachusetts Auto Dealer has published a cover story about the... Read more


2016-07-26 • The America’s Cup is the oldest international sporting trophy, first awarded in 1851 for a yacht race around England’s Isle of Wight. Since then, the Cup has become the centerpiece of an international competition driven by sailing crews, engineering... Read more


2016-07-13 • From March 31-April 1, the MIT Center for Advanced Urbanism held a two-day conference on the growth and advancement of suburban living. The conference was composed of conversations and panel discussions among experts from fields including design,... Read more


2016-07-13 • Five years ago, Barbara Friedman was about to retire from her position as the Director of Intergenerational Programs for Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly (JCHE). But as she prepared to step down from her post, she discovered a problem: there... Read more


2016-07-07 • What induces--or pressures--people into saving their money? One possible answer is the influence of peer networks on perceptions of “good saving” practices. Martina Raue, a Postdoctoral Associate at the MIT AgeLab, has implemented a study that looks... Read more


2016-06-30 • Every day, automobiles equipped with increasingly sophisticated autonomous driving technologies are coursing onto the world’s roadways. There is a remarkable amount already known about the capabilities of these technologies, even in the face of... Read more


2016-06-21 • MIT AgeLab researcher Dr Bryan Reimer discusses Vehicle Automation at the Belron 2016 Global Client Conference in Portugal.    


2016-06-17 • MIT AgeLab and The Hartford research on driverless cars cited in New York Times. According to surveys, no matter the age, American drivers see potential benefits in autonomous vehicles, but they want to be sure the technology works. AgeLab’s Joe... Read more


2016-06-13 • A recent MIT AgeLab study titled Autonomous Vehicles, Trust, and Driving Alternatives: A survey of consumer preferences reported on this site last week has gone viral. Read the Boston Globe article HERE Read the Boston.com article HERE Read the... Read more


2016-06-01 • MIT AgeLab research scientist and New England UTC Associate Director Bryan Reimer along with his team have published the results of a timely consumer survey asking about autonomous technology, how satisfied they were with the technology already in... Read more


2016-05-20 • The AgeLab's collaborative research efforts with Monotype Imaging, Inc. have been making waves in both automotive and design spaces lately! Design Observer's Steven Heller recently interviewed Dr. Jonathan Dobres (AgeLab) and Dr. Nadine Chahine (... Read more


2016-05-20 • The AgeLab makes its presence felt in the tech sector! At Google I/O 2016, Android Auto's Greg Neiswander delves into the rigorous research being done for Google's in-vehicle systems. Among that research is an ongoing collaboration conducted with... Read more


2016-04-29 • MIT professor and Urban planner Carlo Ratti along with MIT AgeLab Research scientist Bryan Reimer offer possible Autonomous vehicle solutions to Boston's traffic congestion in this article for NPR. Click HERE to read more.


2016-03-18 • AgeLab’s Joe Coughlin will be speaking on a panel at the Cambridge Innovation Center’s Venture Cafe on Thursday, April 7th from 6:30-7:30pm. The panel, Baby Boom or Bust: Planning for our Grandparents Through Design & Technology, will bring... Read more


2016-03-17 • A recent article at bestride.com focuses on a study by research scientist Dr. Jonathan Dobres at the MIT AgeLab into optical longevity, vehicle font readability and response time. Read all about the results HERE


2016-02-25 • Click HERE to read the MIT AgeLab Winter Newsletter and discover what the team has been up to recently. 


2016-02-11 • This past December, an article by Olivia DaDalt, Lisa D’Ambrosio, Birgit Kramer and AgeLab alum Arielle Burstein was published in the journal Gerontechnology. This article outlined the results of a study the researchers did in which they interviewed... Read more


2016-02-11 • The AgeLab is growing! Here are some of our newest researchers and associates: Ben D. Sawyer is a Postdoctoral Associate at the MIT AgeLab. Dr. Sawyer’s expertise in experimental psychology and industrial engineering is focused upon successes... Read more


2016-01-28 • Senior housing is struggling to find a new model to meet the demands of the next generation of older adults. The baby boomers are not their parents, their housing choices will reflect those differences. How will developers, operators and care... Read more


2016-01-19 • This event is free and open to the public. If interested, please register for the event by using the form below. Parking will NOT be provided for this event.   Powered by Eventbrite  


2016-01-19 • UTC Director Joe Coughlin posts on BigThink an article on the changing role of the rider in a future driverless vehicle world and suggests changing roles and responsibilities of passengers, insurers, dealerships, etc. 


2016-01-05 • Joe Coughlin and Luke Yoquinto authored an article this past month in the Washington Post about how new sharing-economy and on-demand-economy companies stand to change the lived experience of old age. The piece features Sally Lindover, a member of... Read more


2015-12-08 • As the younger generation appears to back away from driving their own vehicles those 60 years and older continue to remain committed to the independence that comes with owning and piloting their own automobiles. Read the complete article HERE to... Read more


2015-10-28 • The MIT AgeLab's own Director Joseph Coughlin has made Next Avenue's list of Most Influential People in Aging. Joe is placed in the company of 50 thought leaders, innovators, writers, advocates, experts and others that are changing how we age and... Read more


2015-09-30 • The MIT AgeLab convened the daylong symposium "Life Tomorrow? There's an App for That!" on Sept 30, 2015, to trigger a conversation on how sharing and on-demand companies might serve tomorrow's older adults—and which incumbent services might be made... Read more


2014-10-02 • The MIT AgeLab and Transamerica jointly hosted a symposium, Financial Planning in the Shadow of Dementia, exploring the financial challenges facing people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The event, held at MIT's Kresge Auditorium, brought... Read more



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