2018 Publications

2018 Publications

Abraham, H., Reimer, B., Seppelt, B, Fitzgerald, C., Mehler, B., & Coughlin, J. F. (2018). Consumer Interest in Automation: Change Over One Year. Proceedings of The Transportation Research Board 97th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Miller, J., Brady, S., Lee, C., D’Ambrosio, L. A., Raue, M., Ward, C., & Coughlin, J.F. (2018). How the “oldest old” experience and adapt to vision and hearing loss through the use of assistive technologies. Proceedings of the Technology, Mind, and Society Conferencedoi: 10.1145/3183654.3183688

Miller J., Ward, C., Lee, C., D’Ambrosio, L. A., & Coughlin, J. F. (2018). Sharing is caring: The potential of the sharing economy to support aging in place. Gerontology and Geriatrics Education, https://doi.org/10.1080/02701960.2018.1428575

Nunes, A., Reimer, B., & Coughlin, J. F. (2018). People must retain control of autonomous vehicles. Nature, 556, 169 - 171.


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