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Joe Coughlin keynoted at South America's largest business leaders event, HSM ExpoManagement, in San Paolo, Brazil. Joining other keynote presenters such as Alan Greenspan, Michael Porter, Michael Eisner, and Ray Kurzweil, Dr. Coughlin will present his research on the new business of old age examining 5 the impact of longevity on innovation.

AgeLab researcher Dr. Lisa D'Ambrosio presented webinar with Maureen Mohyde from The Hartford to American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) on November 7 2007. Their presentation will be entittled "Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Driving: The Transition from Driver to Passenger."

On November 2nd Dr. Bryan Reimer presents at the National Advanced Driving Simulator at the University of Iowa. Dr. Reimer discussed his research in a talk entitled "Changing Demographics and the Impact on Future Vehicle Development." The National Advanced Driving Simulator is the world's most advanced ground vehicle simulator used in safety, health and other factors that affect driving performance.

Research scientist Lisa D'Ambrosio, Ph.D. of the MIT AgeLab, presented at the 2007 AARP National Event and Expo in Boston as part of the University Session with Director of the Corporate Group at The Hartford Maureen Mohyde and Interim Director Frank Carroll of Driver Safety Program & Mobility Options, Livable Communities, AARP Outreach and Service.
Septemember 2007

AgeLab researcher Dr. Bryan Reimer presented his paper "Young Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): The impact of secondary tasks on driving performance" at the Driving Simulation North America Conference in Iowa City.
September 19, 2007

The Metro West Daily News featured AgeLab scientist Dr. Bryan Reimer in its article Roads & Rails: Taking transportation above the road and beyond
August 19, 2007

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch featured Dr. Joe Coughlin in its business section article
Metaphase Focuses on Product Design, Patient Dignity
August 12, 2007

Dr. Joe Coughlin and AgeLab research featured in The Boston Globe
Can You Spot the Personal Communication Assistant?
July 31, 2007

AgeLab and Healthways Host Health Literacy in a Consumer-Directed World Forum.
July 26, 2007

AgeLab Research on Health and Aging-in-Place featured in The Saturday Evening Post magazine
Doctor in the House features AgeLab Director Joe Coughlin
July/August 2007

MIT Researcher presents at CREATE 2007: Creative Inventions, Innovations and Everyday Designs in HCI in London
Anna Pohlmeyer discussed her paper "A Dynamic Content Visualization Framework to Optimize Driver Information Processing." It proposes an innovative design that integrates telematics, digital customization and preferences to minimize driver distractions.
A dynamic content visualization framework to optimize driver information processing (PDF) June 14, 2007

Researchers urge learning to drive safely with cellphone
The Boston Globe or PDF
May 27, 2007

Senior Momentum
Business Week Article
May 1, 2007

Living in Style in Later Life
Saving for the Heirs? As if! The times during which the wealthy aged were living a frugal life are apparently over. They prefer to spend their money for sunset years at deluxe residences. 
Sueddeutsche Zeitung
March 26, 2007

Coughlin to keynote
Joint Conference of the American Society on Aging and the National Council on Aging
March 8, 2007

AgeLab hosted a group of Liberty Mutual and Volpe National Transportation Systems employees, along with professors from China's Tsinghua University
The tour and discussion focused on AgeLab's work surrounding driver safety.
January 17th, 2007