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Gadgets Help Baby Boomers Navigate Old Age
USA Today Cover Story (pdf 599kb)
November 17, 2003

Who's the Most Dangerous Driver on the Road
Ladies' Home Journal (pdf 5654kb)
November, 2003

Steering Safely
WHDH TV Channel 7, Boston
September 16, 2003

Keeping Older Drivers (Safely) Behind The Wheel
The Boston Globe (pdf 536kb)
August 5, 2003

Booming Down the Road
FCN News Online
July 15, 2003

Planning for Future Peace of Mind
Toronto Star
July 3, 2003

MIT Study: Older Drivers Know When to Slow Down
AARP Bulletin (pdf 1474kb)
July - August, 2003

Alzheimer's and the Driving Decision
Joseph F. Coughlin, PhD, AgeLab Director
WGBH Lecture Series
Boston Alzheimer's Center
June 24, 2003

The Creative Destruction of Telemedicine
ATA Annual Meeting
April 29, 2003